Talent Search & Assessment

Impact helps their clients to take decisions they make about every talent by giving them a deep insight into individuals, teams and the organization as a whole. Our perceptive Recommendations and Reports help them manage their Employees and Teams as they keep growing in the business world.

Regardless of your organization's size, you can get direct insight into your people with easy, intuitive, research-driven solutions. Whether it's collecting data from your current and future staff, or building a succession plan, we help you to gather objective HR metrics to get the best of people analytic without a large, expensive, Google-style team of data scientists. Our consultants start by getting to know your company and identifying your pain points in terms of recruiting. Our team asks a lot of questions to know and figure out the solutions you need. This gives a unique strategy to us to help solve the issues and meet our goals by adding the right people.

Once the information is gathered, we cast a very wide net over Referrals,Networking Niche Sites, Internal Resources, Associations Job Boards, Organizations, and Other Resources to find the right candidates. Impact partners with the company's Hr team to ease the process to find candidates who will fit into the company’s culture and help the company achieve its goals.

Talent Search

As your trusted search partner, we add value to the way you hire and help you find the right talent. We help you find -:

  • Paramedical Staff - (operation theater technicians, medical records technicians, dialysis technicians etc.)
  • Nursing Staff - (ANM, GNM, B.Sc., MSc, ICU Trained Nurses)
  • Specialist - (Nephrologist, Cardiologist, Neurologist, pediatrician, Gastroenterology, Rheumatologists, Endocrinologist)


  • Paramedical Staff Assessment
  • Nursing Staff Assessment
  • Resident Doctors Assessment