Hospital Management Services

Keeping the quality patient care as main aim, our team works on providing all-encompassing range of services to hospitals to improve their efficiency and better outcomes encompassing wide range of services.

Impact provides broad–gauged service solutions to hospitals and healthcare institutions. Impact’s compendious service solutions contribute to enhance quality and increase efficiency at the facility level. Our team of professionals helps the hospitals improve their services thus assisting the surgeons and physicians to concentrate to deliver quality patient care.

IHC delivers a formal report covering all aspects on monthly basis, giving an idea of reports and analysis of select financial year benchmarks and ways to achieve them.

IHC gives formal reports on a monthly basis to the Hospital. Reports include the analysis of select financial reports and Benchmarks.IHC works with the hospital administration and higher team on the following points in order to achieve best results

  • Business strategy
  • Market Assessment
  • Organizational Governance
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Quality Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Operations Management
  • Architectural Services
  • Engineering Applications
  • Managing Human Capital
  • Positioning and Branding