Health and Wellness Workshop and Seminars

Health and Wellness Workshop and Seminars

Impact health and wellness workshop promote mental, physical and social health of all attendees by enhancing individual skill and positive relationship with families and foster healthy lifestyle inner development, resilience & wellbeing. These workshops can be used as a requirement or just to learn more about different aspects of their health. Each workshop is constantly being evaluated for appeal & effectiveness to determine most accurate info. Registration can be done telephonically or by mailing

Benefits of Wellness Workshops are:

  • Decreased risk of developing life threatening or terminal illness.

  • Motivates to improve personal health.

  • Enhanced health and increased productive work environment.

  • Increased self-content, self-image and prosperity.

  • Approach to needed social support, as Co-Workers strive towards Healthier lifestyles.

  • Increased Job Satisfactions.

  • Enhanced coping skills with stress or other health factors.

  • Decreased costs on Health Care (lesser visits to doctor, perhaps lower premiums, decreased need for costly care etc.)

Wellness Workshops

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